"We believe that business is not the PURPOSE, but only the TOOL we use to achieve the PURPOSE. We exist to improve BUSINESS so that our clients can achieve their PURPOSE."

Why Grovation i*know was born ?

Grovation Consulting is a Boutique Management Advisory House. Our purpose is to improve business so that our clients can achieve their purpose. We believe that business is the only way that we can solve most of the challenges we experience in South Africa and Africa, and as such, believe that we have a very important role to play in the South African economy.

One of the biggest challenges in South Africa which impacts our economy negatively, is our unemployment rate. As a management consulting firm we possess the knowledge that can assist businesses to grow, but there is very little that we can do directly about the unemployment rate. We believe that business will ultimately be the only solution to help solve our unemployment rate as most other initiatives are just too slow and not sustainable.

We decided to initiate a platform through which we can help address the unemployment rate by empowering entrepreneurs and SME business owners with the knowledge to grow their businesses. We believe that by increasing the success rate of entrepreneurs and SME businesses, they will be able to employ more people which will reduce unemployment.

Our goal:

To assist entrepreneurs and SME business owners to be more successful so they can grow and employ at least 1 to 3 more people in their business. If we succeed at this we will be able to create thousands of new job opportunities.
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