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After completing a one-day Colour Accounting course, Spinnaker’s CEO, who is a registered CA, instructed me to arrange that every employee attend the course. The course is extremely practical and gives an excellent grounding for anyone on how to interpret financial statements as well as what accounting is. It has helped our IT staff, from developers to support technicians, to make the link from our retail management software and how those transactions effect the end financial statements. It has given our sales staff the language to relate to financial managers and decision makers. It has helped our admin staff to understand how their daily transactions effect the bottom line and so has been a driver in cost saving. I wish they would teach accounting in school in this manner.”
Helen Behm, HR Manager - Spinnaker Software

“Doing the Colour Accounting workshop as a small business owner helped me tremendously! Financial statements used to be something I had to do and never looked at because I didn't really understand what it was about. After the course, it was like a light switch went on and I wish I had done this a few years ago. My business went through quite a difficult time and if I had an informed look at my financial statements, I would've spotted the problem long before it could hurt me. The course is very easy to understand, and the practical way it's presented makes it stick in your mind, so you will never forget it! I would definitely recommend this to ANYONE with a small business and no financial training!”Anna Nel - Owner of Jacoba Clothing
“To know what you know and what you do not know, that is true knowledge." Confucius

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